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2022 Pro Stride Elite Skating Clinic


Welcome to the Pro Stride Elite Skating 2022 Clinic Registration

Who can register: All players born between 2005-2015.

What is the cost: $350.00 per player (includes all taxes and fees)

When is the Pro Stride Clinic taking place: August 22nd-25th

Group Times: Group 1- 4:30-6:30pm for 2011-2015 birthyears

                         Group 2- 6:45-8:45pm for 2010 and older players 

Where is the Clinic taking place: Kiwanis Ice Arena located in Saugerties, NY

What to bring: Full hockey equipment and labeled water bottle

Max. Capacity: 30 players per group 

Program Description and Philosophy

Pro Stride Elite Skating believes that the foundation of ice hockey is skating and it is a skill that must be worked on by every player at every age level, including professionals. At Pro Stride, instructors will not just "drill" players and make them go full speed through cones. Our purpose is to TEACH players how to go fast, be quick, be explosive and be efficient. Pro Stride will explain why correct technique is vital to creating more speed and efficiency on the ice.

In order to teach players correct technique and break "bad habits" we will slow them down to learn how to perform each maneuver correctly. Once the technique is mastered, then players will learn to do it with more power, and finally at full speed. "Slow is smooth, smooth is FAST."

Pro Stride instructors believe that making players faster, quicker, more efficient and explosive skaters will make them better hockey players. Players will make the teams they want to make, have the puck more often and in general have more FUN playing as their skating improves. We continually evolve and find new ways to communicate with players on how to perform each maneuver correctly. There will always be a certain foundation that players must master, but evolving what we teach and how we teach it is a cornerstone to providing players the absolute best instruction on how to truly become a fast, explosive player.

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